Why is the Crompton line of agricultural pumps the smarter choice for farmers?



The sun never sets for Pravin Jamkhandi, a 49-year-old farmer. He is the only one of the four brothers to continue farming and works on his 6.2 hectares of land. He grows hybrid cucumbers, often referred to as “Chinese kheera†by vendors in the city, and is a keen connoisseur of new farming practices. He realizes that even when India is the largest segment of the Indian population are farmers, they face endless professional challenges on a daily basis, often due to floods, droughts, productivity and irrigation. Regardless of the precipitation received during a particular season or the presence of water bodies around, the crisis weighs heavily on these farmers for whom water is nothing less than an elixir. That’s why he trusts innovative agricultural pumps designed to deliver superior performance and reliability, ideal for all agricultural solutions, such as those manufactured by Crompton.

The wide range of Crompton pumps spans across categories such as household, agricultural specialties and solar power. Over the years, its agricultural pumps have specifically become a mega-hit because they are rugged and deliver foolproof and consistent performance. Here are just a few ways that Crompton has silently allied itself with the toil of farmers for decades:


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Wide range of pumps to suit all your needs and applications

Agricultural pumps are used for irrigation of land by sprinkling, flooding or micro-irrigation. Water is pumped out of the reservoirs using open or monoblock well pumps or using borehole pumps from boreholes up to 60 to 1,500 feet deep!

An agricultural pump helps farmers easily transfer water from one source to another. Whether the source is underground or located on the surface, these pumps are powerful enough to draw water from just about any depth. For your farming and farming needs, these pumps use high pressure to transfer water to the desired location. They help make water dispensing more convenient with each draw. But before you buy a pump, you need to understand its specifications. Each pump has a different power range, stage, lift height range, discharge range, pipe size, and supply phase. The higher the power, the greater the flow rate of the pump.

With that in mind, we have brought you some information about the different types of agricultural pumps and their features.

Borewell submersible pump

Farmers are well aware that unpredictable rainfall results in an uneven water supply. To ensure an uninterrupted water supply throughout the year, you can opt for a borehole submersible pump. This pump is fully submerged in water. Lower HP variants are also used to supply water to residential and industrial units. Borewell pumps come with many great features like better hydraulic and electrical design as well as high quality electric stamping which makes the pump very efficient. The specially designed thrust bearing ensures reliability and its simple construction makes maintenance easy. It can also work effectively in a wide voltage band, protecting it from voltage fluctuations.

Open well submersible pump

Used to extract water from reservoirs and transfer it to storage on farms or directly on farmland, this pump is also submerged in water. It can be used in irrigation, water transfer from canals, wells to farms, etc. These pumps are available in a wide voltage range and with CED coated parts. Their ability to operate efficiently over a wide voltage range without damaging the pump makes them a safer and more durable option. CED-coated parts make the pump rust-free and jam-free, giving it a longer life. If you are looking to buy open well pumps, you should consider factors such as tank, storage tank size, pipe diameter, and the material used in the pumps before purchasing them. In addition, there are two types – horizontal and vertical. It is always best to speak to an expert before making a purchase.

Monobloc centrifugal pumps

When it is necessary to transfer large amounts of fluids from one place to another, these pumps are useful. They guarantee high flow rates. Monoblock pumps are used in agriculture, industry, sewage treatment plants, mines, power plants and many more. Centrifugal pumps offer wide tension bands like most agricultural pumps, but what sets them apart is the monoset construction. The high quality monoset construction and mechanical seal prevent leakage and keep contaminants out.

Stress-free solutions for a regular water supply

Crompton agricultural pumps ensure that you don’t miss your regular water supply, whether it’s your overhead water tank, industrial applications or agricultural needs. They are equipped with advanced technology and features such as:

  • High quality electrical stampings which ensure reduced power losses and lower the operating current of the pump.
  • Wide Voltage application is designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 250V to 440V and provides consistent performance.
  • Lower operating current with rugged electrical design to lower your electric bill.
  • High thrust capacity ensured by a specially designed thrust bearing for maximum reliability.
  • Long-term maintenance with easily replaceable wearing parts, low maintenance cost.

Water pumps provide benefits not only to farmers, but also to crops and ecosystems as a whole. They are essential to the modern irrigation system and should be invested if not already. If you are connected to the world of agriculture anyway, check out the extensive range of Crompton Agro pumps today.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of Crompton by the Times Internet Spotlight team.


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